Chrysalis and Boehringer Ingelheim. It was under the wise and watchful eye of the agency that three intense and engaging days took place, providing the opportunity for the multinational pharmaceutical company to present their new business model  to all participants, emphasizing the importance and value of people as an integral part of the project and strengthening the spirit of belonging.
Milan, with its long historical past as well as very recent evolution, provided the ideal starting point to convey these concepts: a city deeply renewed and constantly changing that has embraced the challenges of the contemporary, reshaping its skyline, enriching itself with modernity and novelty.
Thus the claim "Architects of our future" took life, whereby a new way of seeing change was emphasized, with a more current vision, updated to meet the challenges of the market and the needs of people.
Chrysalis oversaw all the communications for the event, and devised the dynamic format of a traveling meeting, which was as yet unprecedented: Piazza Città di Lombardia, Superstudio and Milan Marriot Hotel were the venues chosen to host the various elements of the meeting.
A city tour aboard branded trams, a dinner under the stars with themed street food, innovative technologies such as 3D projection mapping and deconstructed sets with impressive effect served to immerse the guests in an engaging story,rich with ideas, curiosities and above all, emotions.