To celebrate the shift of identity from an established Italian reality (Cementificio MERONE) to an International group (HOLCIM Group) Chrysalis was appointed to take charge of the design, realization and organization of the entire communication system.
The objective of embracing change as the creation of new opportunities made us think of the work of the Alchemists used as a metaphor to create the central theme that characterized the whole evening.
The core values of the company, Strength, Action, Passion, determined the development of the concept, and were expressed in three stages, the three "works" that the alchemists used in the process of transforming metal by stripping its form to reveal its essence of gold.
The Pelota of Milan and its distinctive layout, allowed for an uninterrupted development of the story.
Semi-movable and modular sets hosted the dramatic episodes with multi-vision screenings, testimonials and audience engagement.
Special effects, lighting, music and a buffet dinner with final toasts, provided the ideal epilogue of a magical evening, in the name of celebration and participation.