In occasion of the Offshore Mediterranean Conference & Exhibition at the Pala De Andrè Di Ravenna, Chrysalis was called in by Edison to design and create an unconventional stand that should be consistent with its brand identity and bear testament to the company's mission and values.
The design of the stand highlighted these values, emphasizing the harmony of the union between the marine ecosystem and artificial structures, and reinforcing the absolute environmental compatibility of an industrial structure with the natural environment.
The supporting structure of the stand recalled the skeleton of Off Shore platform square beams defining the outline of the booth,making a focal point of the Edison logo, created on plexiglass and highly visible throughout the pavilion.
The internal spaces are separated by undulating, curving walls in transparent PVC, and customized with a marine inspired leitmotiv.
The wall that divided the stand from the warehouse area, as well as the ledwall in front of the lounge area, honored the visual continuity of the marine environment,with enhancing images and sequences taken from the video on the "Project Biovega" site.
This stylistic choice allowed us to suitably represent the natural lushness and richness of the ecosystem found under the platform, and let visitors discover from up close, the world and the values of Edison.