No matter what the space for action, physical or virtual, we turn insights into reality with out of the box solutions.

We design and create multimedia content to engage and surprise the public.

We promote the interaction and engagement of each audience through simple and emotional storytelling.
We design tailor-made experiential spaces, compatible with every platform and device.

We take a narrative approach in three phases :

Tease: before the virtual meeting begins, participants are asked to get involved by responding to specific CTAs related to the meeting. The goal is to intrigue the public.

Amplify: participants engage in various activities in order to internalize the key messages of the virtual meeting and stimulate conversations.

Echo: participants are reminded of the virtual meeting thanks to follow-up messages, gadgets or new CTAs.

Virtual studios fully customized to host the format

The virtual studio will therefore be the home of our format, viewers connected from home will see the hosts and guests in the studio alternate and interreact within a virtual set.

Latest generation technologies will allow users to participate in the meeting in an active and engaging way.

Extended Reality (XR) an innovative event approach

3D environment specifically created to set, customize and involve spectators and speakers.

Users will find themselves immersed in limitless places where physical and virtual worlds merge using augmented reality (AR), holograms and mixed reality (MR) in live production environments to create immersive experiences.

Experience and Creativity at the service of the content.

A creative direction and strategic consultancy aimed at the design and creation of content for virtual meetings and digital communication. Starting from a specific creative concept, we can create countless contents, such as animated presentations, interactive pages, videos, 3D sets and much more.

We have tailor-made solutions for every need

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