giorgio armani fashion show 

Once again Chrysalis was chosen by the famous designer to stage the fashions shows for the women's Spring /Summer collections for Emporio Armani and Giorgio Armani.
The two shows organised a day apart,saw the staging change according to the two different collections, whilst still maintaining the same idea of deconstructing a classic catwalk.
In the first show for Emporio Armani the set design was inspired by the summer, the sea and the shapes and designs of the collection.
Giant wave forms, arranged and suspended on high, framed the entrance of the models who walked along the runway also shaped like a wave, almost emulating the surface of the sea.
Projections with mapping effects animated and enhanced the design.
The show for the Giorgio Armani collection also used projections, but this time against a structure reminiscent of a giant orchid.
Symbol of elegance, freshness and exclusivity, which endorsed the characteristics of the collection.
In this case the runway took on the shape and colours of a large stem adorned with giant leaves. The structure of the set with the special effect of petals opening, highlighted the entrance of the models to symbolize the blossoming of a new woman.