Boehringer Ingelheim entrusted Chrysalis to create a national meeting that would  would consolidate the journey of change begun in 2017. Chrysalis devised a spectacular project full of surprises, developing a "tailored" structure to meet the needs of the company. The ON AIR concept was conceived to communicate clearly how this meeting marks a new step forward, the moment to take the journey to the next level; after careful preparation and acquiring the necessary instruments, it is now time to go live, and be on air every day. Graphic design, decor and sets were designed around that theme, with colors and graphic elements inspired by the world of the coolest radio stations, which set the mood of the event: engaging, representative and straight to the point! The Forte Village of Santa Margherita in Pula (CA) provided the perfect setting for this unusual event. Flash mobs, team building, lip dub video clips, customized quizzes, giant puzzle constructions and motivational talks were coordinated to ensure maximum effectiveness and maximum involvement within the working time.
The conclusion arrived to the rhythm of music, with an evening themed 70/'80/'90s handled by the Pinocchio team of Radio DEEJAY, La Pina, Diego and Vale, ensuring the success of the night.