The Anmco congress was the platform used to preview to the assembled cardiology community, the new dosage of a major pharmaceutical product in the cardiovascular field.
Chrysalis was called in for the occasion to create an exhibition space in the Rimini convention building.
The city that  gave birth to Federico Fellini inspired us to develop the concept around the world of cinema.
The product continued its role as main protagonist at the centre of a new chapter in its history, in a  film as yet to be shot, where the guest cardiologists transform into the co-stars of the movie, which inaugurates its first take at the congress.
The actual film itself becomes a distinctive attraction, suspended above the structure of the stand.
The lounge area features "director"style chairs and the lighting is produced by classic film studio projectors. This atmosphere transports us directly into the golden years of cinema auteur, with a script written and adapted for the product and the new dosage, the cardiologist co-stars, and active subjects in the life of the patient.