ASTRAZENECA – product lunch

The Palavela (stadium) in Turin was chosen for the launch of Symbicort, a new product from a major pharmaceutical company positioned primarily within the field of respiratory diseases. The characteristics of the product and location inspired our design of the set-up, the audience engagement and the choreographed dances on a breath taking scale, underlying the notion of a wind of innovation and change in the asthma market. The parterre of the Palavela stadium with a central stage and seating for 900 people divided into 2 sections, played a key role for the impressissive entrance of an auto rally car sponsored by the product. The choreography of the Kataklo' group of dancers/acrobats conveyed lightness but also strength and energy, intrinsic qualities of the new product.
Colours, music, video and graphic contributions encompassed the event that ended with a gala dinner in the foyer of Pala Isozaki and a DJ set involving a bringing everyone together for a dancing finale.