Once again Astrazeneca engaged Chrysalis for the construction of 4 stands inside the Centro Congressi, Porto Antico di Genova (Convention Centre in the Ancient Port, Genova).
The challenge was to come up with an idea to present the booths in a way that would focus on the product as well as the different types of patient, whilst maintaining a common mood that would be easily recognised.
Hence we created a graphic design making use of a line (ribbon) as its main element.
The ribbon draws the idea of a route that moving forwards transforms into the various profiles of the patients through iconic and simple silhouettes.
A hypothetical fil rouge which traces the path from one stand to another and also maps out the therapeutic use of Brilique in the 3 specific areas for patients. The common denominator  was also picked up on the stand in a more corporate manner, with the ribbon depicting a winged horse, symbol of the studio Pegasus.