NOVARTIS Science Day 2016

Novartis celebrates the Group's 20th birthday and opens the Origgio headquarters to more than 1000 people.
A day in the spirit of innovation, the hallmark of Novartis, intended for employees and their families - the protagonists of the event and the key contributors responsible for the Group's progress.
Over 1.000 people took part in Science Day – Winds of Innovation, experimenting with the different activities on offer such as immersing themselves in virtual reality with 3D viewers, interactions with talking robots, entertaining multidisciplinary workshops, group games and the experience of indoor flight.
Particular attention was paid to the younger generation with dedicated laboratories and edutainmentedutainment initiatives, as well as fun leisure activities with educational content, touching on important issues such as environmental sustainability and nutrition.
A smartphone app callected the highlights of the event and allowed all participants to share the content of the day in real time.
Chrysalis devised this project based on the title "Winds of Innovation" to convey the concept of wind as a generator of ideas.
Every detail was designed to celebrate the Group's history and emphasize its key valuesuch as innovation, quality, collaboration, performance, courage and integrity.
The agency was also responsible for logistics, coordinating more than 30 partners and managing the rich agenda of events of the Science Day Novartis. The aligned vision and common goals of Novartis and Chrysalis created a winning synergy, decreeing the success of a very important celebration.