Dentsply Implants for the launch of the new dental implant

Chrysalis working alongside Dentsply Implants for the launch of the new Astra Tech Implant System EV in Milan held at the l’Auditorium Testori in the new Palazzo della Regione Lombardia (Region of Lombardy Building) The agency took charge of the entire event, from realization of the contents, designing the sets, production of the films, developing the graphics, the live displays, direction and logistics. The occasion was to present to 300 dental doctors, a new dental implant with evolutionary qualities. It was indeed the concept of evolution that Chrysalis chose to develop for the entire convention, including creating a set with a structure inspired by origami. Projections were programmed in such a way to convey the idea of a sheet of paper coming alive, folding and turning and, with the use of lighting, transforming into weightless, dynamic and ever-changing forms in continuous evolution.
Two choreographed displays by the famous Kataklo' acrobat/ dance group, inspired a journey towards knowledge through the idealized metamorphosis of beautiful butterflies, an image also repeated in the logo of the event.