Boehringer Ingelheim National Meeting 2020

"We are BI" was the creative proposition for the National Meeting 2020 project held in Rome 4- 6 February. 
The concept stemmed from the desire to put people at its core and make the National Meeting an essential appointment for the development, and personal and professional growth of the guests.
The project was structured around the asset of innovation, also with regards to human investment.
Thanks to the optimization of the spaces in the rooms concerned, rethought from an exhibition point of view, we have created a laboratory of ideas, a space for comparison, as well as a container of experiences.
2 months of work concentrated over 4 days, 450 participants, a team of 30 people in support, 2 full Plenary meetings, 2 Franchise meetings, 3 Maker Labs divided into 13 listening points and thematic zones.
The days were enriched with testimonials, performances and team building.
These facilitated direct engagement to create empathy, convey the intended messages and communicate medium and long-term business goals.
The two dinners were held respectively in the evocative location of the “Cinecitta World” amusement park that stands on the grounds of the old film studios "Dino Citta", a perfect setting for the dinner, as well as for some specially themed "gamification", and secondly in the majestic setting of the Hall of Fountains in the EUR area of Rome, more formal and absolutely appropriate for the final classic "Gala Dinner" with references, entertainment and music related to the Sanremo Festival of Music that opened the same day.
Chrysalis created an integrated project generating a new and spectacular impact on the audience; every detail was carefully thought out: from gadgets to the group gatherings, modular set-ups, choice of testimonials and direction.
The power of ideas at the service of the client.