For the road safety campaign promoted by ANIA ASSICURATIONS, Chrysalis, on behalf of  Publicis Event, designed and built a Road Show across 6 Italian cities.
Milan, Turin, Bologna, Rome, Naples and Palermo were the cities that over a total of 45 days, saw their most evocative squares welcome the presence of a large tensostructure where inside and outside the public were informed, sensitized and educated as to the correct handling of road traffic.
An info-point at the center of a crossroads alerted the public to the initiative "Blackpoint-Together" to shed light on our roads.
At the four sides of the main structure, installations of the classic Game of Minigolf, gave the public the opportunity to try their hand at overcoming obstacles, bumps, curves and potholes in four different contexts: city, countryside, mountain, highway.
A simple but effective idea to engage and raise awareness for grown-ups and little ones. A coordinated image, visual messages, prizes gadgets and a driver simulator station, helped to create interest in the initiative, stimulate reports of questionable road safety from motorists and involve the relevant institutions.